Code of Conduct for CHETRA Dichtungstechnik AG and its employees.


All staff employed by CHETRA Dichtungstechnik AG (hereinafter referred to as “CHETRA”) are bound by this Code of Conduct. It reflects the values, principles and behaviours that guide CHETRA’s activities as a company. Compliance with the following regulations maintains ethical and legal standards and creates a working environment that promotes integrity, respect and fairness.


Compliance with laws and other regulations in Germany and abroad

In all its business decisions and activities, CHETRA strives to comply with the laws and other governing regulations that are in force in Germany and abroad, and to adhere to trade controls and regulations restricting imports and exports, as well as economic embargoes. This includes protecting fair competition by complying with the laws that govern bans on cartels, competition and the restraint of trade.


Avoidance of conflicts of interest

All employees must avoid situations in which their personal or financial interests conflict with those of CHETRA. For that reason, among other things, they are forbidden from making investments in CHETRA’s competitors, suppliers or customers, or from entering into business relationships with them privately, where this could lead to a conflict of interests.


Prohibition of corruption

CHETRA does not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. CHETRA employees may not offer or grant business partners any personal advantages or gifts that could impair their ability to make fair, objective business decisions or even give the impression thereof, and may not demand or accept any such advantages or gifts from them. All jobs or orders that involve an advantage of this kind are prohibited and must be rejected.


Prohibition of discrimination and harassment

CHETRA recognises the fundamental human rights of people around the world, and we respect and protect our business partners’ and employees’ privacy and personality rights. Among other things, CHETRA respects other cultures and beliefs and promotes the intercultural exchange of ideas in its business relationships.

As a global company, CHETRA works with employees and business partners with different nationalities, cultures and ways of thinking. All unlawful differential treatment (discrimination), harassment and belittling treatment is prohibited. Inter alia, all forms of discrimination are prohibited that are based on ethnic origin, sex, gender, age, religion, disability or ideology.

All forms of harassing behaviour, including, but not limited to, bullying, insults, physical assaults and sexual harassment, must be avoided.


Information policy

Internal matters that have not been, or are not, made public shall be treated confidentially, as shall inventions, know-how or other trade secrets related to business or technology. New findings and trade secrets may not be passed on to third parties in any shape or form. This shall also apply to the period after an employment relationship comes to an end.

It is not permitted to gain personal advantage for oneself or for others using internal company knowledge. The same applies to the unauthorised disclosure of this type of insider knowledge.


Policy on assets

Every employee is responsible for treating CHETRA property in an appropriate and careful manner. Every employee is obliged to protect that property against loss, damage, misuse, theft, misappropriation or destruction. If CHETRA property is used in a manner that contravenes any of these principles, the employee’s superior and/or the management must be informed immediately.


Implementation and monitoring

The regulations in this code of conduct form an integral part of CHETRA’s corporate culture. Every single employee is responsible for adhering to these principles. If an employee has any concerns or complaints, or becomes aware of a possible violation of this code of conduct, he or she shall report it to his or her superior and/or the management for review. This may be done anonymously or confidentially. If such concerns and complaints are raised on the basis of this code of conduct, CHETRA shall not accept the raiser being subjected to any disadvantages or retaliatory measures.



If this code of conduct and/or any statutory regulations are violated, necessary organisational, disciplinary and legal measures shall be taken to prevent any future violations. In serious cases, this can lead to sanctions being imposed under labour law, up to and including the employee being dismissed.

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