Sealing devices


ePTFE flat sealing tape

Rolls of 10, 25, 50 m

Dimensions (width x height unpressed):

3×1.5; 5×2; 7×2.5; 10×3; 14×5; 17×6; 20×7 mm

(Special dimensions on request)

– Joint sealant, with adhesive back for universal flange sealing in all industrial areas

– Economical flat sealing tape made of high-quality ePTFE (stretched, expanded material)

– Handy  & easy to install: no punching out, directly from the roll: round, square, longitudinal, uneven

– Universally applicable as static flat gasket in almost all areas, e.g. heat exchangers, pipelines/flanges, columns, housings – for steel flange, smooth or with tongue and groove – for oxygen lines in copper/copper alloys (see BAM approval)

– Due to the good formability especially suitable for FRP and plastic flanges, glass/graphite apparatus, sight glasses, ceramic flanges

TÜV tested, BAM tested (up to oxygen pressures of 100 bar and 90° C)

Complies with: FDA, DIN2501

Technical data:
– pmax: 220 bar (depending on installation conditions)
– pmax (oxygen): 100 bar
– pmax (gas supply): 16 bar
– t: -240° C. to +280° C (310° C for short periods)
– t (gas supply): -10° C to +50° C
– pH: 0 – 14 (except for molten or dissolved alkali metals and elemental fluorine)


High Performance Sealing Tape

Prod. no.

  • 121007 6,4mm x 13m
  • 121009 12,7mm x 10m DVGW-zertifiziert (NV-5143AU0295)
  • 121010 12,7mm x 33m

12 rolls per box

Dimensions: 12,7mm x 10m (width x length; other dimensions on request)

– 100% pure, virgin PTFE thread sealing tape for practically all threaded connections, fittings, pipes/fittings
– universally applicable, especially dense thread sealing tape of approx. 0.1 mm thickness
– For drinking water, hot water, salt water, air, steam, oil, acids and alkalis, natural gas, butane, propane, frigen, chlorine, gaseous oxygen, ammonia, fuels, solvents and many more. 
– Applications in piping systems in chemical, gas and water piping, including drinking water, hydraulic hoses, pneumatics, mechanical engineering, agriculture, etc.

Technical data:
pmax: 175 bar (depending on mechanical properties of the thread and temperature to be sealed)
pmax (oxygen): 50 bar
pmax (natural gas): 7 bar
t: -240° C to +260° C
tmax (oxygen): 60° C
pH: 0-14 (except nitric acid, liquid gas in the gas phase and liquid oxygen)

DIN-DVGW type examination certificate NV-5143AU0295;
Kl.GRp; according to DIN 30660, DIN EN 751-3 and BGA
BAM II-898/2006 (for gaseous oxygen max. 50 bar/60° C) complies with FDA; MIL-T-27730A


100% pure, virgin moldable PTFE sealing cord

Round cord, various Dimensions
12 rolls per box

Dimensions (Ø x length); 2.4 mm x 15.3 m
4 mm x 10.7 m; 5.6 mm x 4.6 m; 7.1 mm x 2.7 m

– Round mouldable PTFE sealing cord for valves, fittings etc.

– CHETRALON replaces conventional square packing: simply wrap it in the stuffing box space and with goggle/cap nut
tighten (50% compress).

– “Immediate” gasket made to measure: easily formable PTFE core, supported by PTFE spiral wrapping, ensures adaptable filling of the sealing space while limiting cold flow – thus no pressing out of the material or “clogging” of the spindle.

– universally applicable in the chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering, heating systems, building services, agricultural sector, steam applications and many more

Technical data:
pmax: 100 bar (depending on the mechanical conditions of the aggregate to be sealed)
t: -240° C to +270° C
pmax and tmax (oxygen): 50 bar – 150° C; 30 bar – 200° C
pH: 0-14 (except liquid oxygen, molten alkali metals, fluorine and various (rare) halogenated compounds)

BAM tested, TgbNr. 5421/83/4-1906l: (Test derived, product unchanged)
No safety concerns for use with gaseous oxygen in the appropriate pressure and temperature range


Moldable polymer seal

Product no. 900511

1 box:
2x comp. A (cartridge) 400 ml
2x comp. B (hardener) 185 g

– 2-component sealing material polymer (A) and hardener (B) for the production of flat gaskets of all shapes and sizes directly on the object to be sealed

– MPG is a high quality system for the production of flat gaskets for most industrial applications

– Flange unevenness up to 7 mm can be compensated: MPG is dimensionally stable, does not shrink or warp, does not slip

– easy assembly (see illustration) and disassembly – can be pulled off easily without jamming, protects flanges

– very economical in use: no waste, no cutting and punching

– Resistant to water, oils, hydraulic fluids, solvents, chemicals etc. (except concentrated acids/alkalis; (see pH range)

Technical data:
p-range: vacuum – 220 bar (see below)
pmax: (after full curing 2-3h): 220 bar (depending on mechanical conditions and the temperature to be bridged sealing gap)
pmax (immediately after application): 1 bar; pmax (steam): 7 bar
t: -50° C to +260° C; pH: 2-11