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Packing Type 1988

The expanded graphite foil braided packing 1988 is a very suitable combination of the superior sealing material pure graphite with the ease of handling installation of a braided packing. Graphit foil. Main area of application: valvey and fittings in energy sector, power plants, petrochemical and in the chemical industry – for sealing of steam, thermo – oils, aggressive chemical media, acids and bases, etc.

Packing Type 1990

Temperature-resistant steam valve packing with inherent form stability. Carbon / Inconel

Packing Type 1999

High temperature resistant SUPER-graphite fibre packing. 100% graphite fibre. Resistant against most strong acids and alkalines, solvents, aggressive, hydrocarbons, dye solution, hot water etc.

Packing Type 1780

Typical chemical pump packing for applications for which no graphite particles are allowed. 100% PTFE silk yarn with lubricant

Packing Type 1788

heavy duty packing for armatures and piston pumps Braided packing consisting of pure PTFE silk yarn, impregnated with finely dosed PTFE dispersion, diagonal braiding. The packing has a low friction coefficient and is chemical resistant.

Packing Type 1799

Universal valve packing, economical long service life. PTFE multifilament yarns with oil-free PTFE-graphite dispersion. high pressure and temperature resistance.

Packing Type 1980

Heat conducting carbon packing, self lubricant. High quality pump packing, made of special graphited carbon yarn with molybdenum disulfide lubricant impregnation. Very good thermal conductivity an antifriction properties at elevated temperatures.

Packing Type 1711GS

synthetic fiber + PTFE dispersion + lubricant inexpensive packing for medium applications

Packing Type 1777

Multiservice packing, long service life, wear resistant “shaft protection”
more executions:
– 1777MS is a combination braid made of PTFE graphite yarn with wear resistant synthetic yarn – additionally impregnated with a high percentage of lubricant
– 1777HS is sepcifically suited for packing applications with high mechanical loads due to company-developed TERFARA yarn conception