Mechanical Seals for Food Processing

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In the food industry, mechanical seals are an essential component of various systems. They are important components in pumps, stirrers, mills, kneaders and homogenizers.

When used in the food industry, high demands are placed on the respective mechanical seal in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. In this context, the sterilisability of all surfaces is of particular importance.

Not only the CHETRA mechanical seals used, but also our mechanical seal supply systems are reliably CIP, SIP and GMP-compatible. This ensures efficient and at the same time uncomplicated cleaning and sterilisability.

Extreme operating conditions and highest requirements

Innovative, often customized solutions based on decades of experience in the industry with well-founded application technology expertise.


Quality, Innovation and customized solutions.

Specially designed mechanical seal for use in bead mills

An international manufacturer of bead mills asked CHETRA to design a suitable mechanical seal for its chocolate production units. This specialized mechanical seal should meet the usual requirements (according to CIP, SIP, GMP and FDA), but also take into account the highly abrasive medium. Furthermore, the installation conditions for the mechanical seal were cramped and should not be changed.

As a solution CHETRA designed a short double mechanical seal with solid carbide sliding surfaces. Its self-adjusting arrangement and the protection of sensitive components by upstream elements were further factors that helped to fully meet the customer’s requirements.

Today, the bead mills equipped with CHETRA GLRD type 577 are successfully in use at almost all chocolate manufacturers in Europe – some of them even overseas.

Advantageous service lives of 3 – 4 years are achieved on average.

Service life improvements - GLRD for homogenizers

The design of a “heavy-duty” single mechanical seal in stationary design (using only solid seal rings and counter rings) as well as adaptation to the existing aggregates brought the desired results of a maintenance-free, reliable seal over a long period of use.

For butter and margarine production, homogenizers in the pressure range > 50 bar are used. CHETRA was commissioned by a large Dutch food company to improve the insufficient service life of the mechanical seal used.

GLRD für Bier-Würzepumpen - CHETRA Gleitringdichtungen für Lebensmittel

Wort pump - simplified maintenance

In the world’s largest wheat beer brewery, the maintenance of the beer wort pumps was to be simplified and improved. Restricted space and relatively large pumps (dw: 100 mm) made it difficult to disassemble or assemble the mechanical seals previously used. The achieved service life was not optimal. In the sealing of the beer wort and in the external boiler pumps, the mechanical seal had to be equally resistant for the respective cleaning cycle.

The CHETRA solution was a stationary split mechanical seal. The first measure allowed a simplified assembly of the seal on site; the stationary arrangement in combination with abrasion-resistant seal faces ensured a service life of > 3 years.

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