CHETRA Mechanical Seals for the Chemical Industry

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CHETRA Chemical

The chemical industry is characterized by a multitude of processes, in which corrosive, toxic and explosive media are pumped, mixed, transported and stored.

Very diverse types of substances, e.g. fertilizers, plastic materials, fibres, preservatives, foamed plastic, foils a.o. are manufactured from these preproducts. In all steps of the process, pumps and agitators, equipped with mechanical seals for the sealing of shafts, are employed to a great extent.

CHETRA takes these various application requirements into account beginning with the basic concept of a mechanical seal and the choice of suitable accessories. A heightened environmental awareness and corresponding stipulations such as TA-Luft (Clean Air Act), ATEX (ex-protection), a.o., combined with economic efficiency, are the prerequisites for the planning, designing and manufacturing of every CHETRA mechanical seal.


The results are innovative and often custom-made solutions, based on decades of experience in this area, with sound application technology advice for the optimum appropriate mechanical seal and the corresponding accessories.

The CHETRA supply program covers special custom-made products and high-grade standard seals. Notable features and benefits:

  • robust construction with extensive safety reserves.

  • protection of sensitive components.

  • solid seal rings and stationary seats in self-aligning arrangement.

  • stationary design, if applicable.

  • special seal face geometry.

  • guided circulation flow for optimum heat dissipation.

  • optimization of material: employment of materials with high corrosion resistance, also specialty alloy; face materials with patented surface finish

  • application of “non-metal” mechanical seals.

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