Cutting/coolants, industrial cleaners, special lubricants & industrial adhesives


Rust Remover

Prod. Nr.

  • 900601 – 400ml aerosol

SOLV is an acid-free rust remover, dissolves rust and other deposits quickly and gently. Mostly, loosened parts and screw connections can be reused. This results in improved economic efficiency.

  • SOLV makes screws, nuts, bolts, fits and much more common.
  • Reaches inaccessible places and reliably dissolves rust, tar, resinous greases, dirt, carbon, graphite and other deposits.
  • Makes material slippery and provides short-term corrosion protection.
  • Time savings and work simplification when loosening parts that are inaccessible
  • Practically applicable in every workshop
  • Petroleum-based product


Thread cutting and coolant

Prod. no.

  • 900645 – 400ml aerosol
  • Double-acting for thread cutting, drilling, milling, turning etc. for all metals (except aluminium), also for high quality alloys.
  • Coupling effect: rapidly evaporating coolant &  lubricant
  • Speeds up the work process without the risk of breakage due to overheating and “welding” of tools
  • Extended tool life
  • Solvent-based product


High performance cleaner

Prod. Nr.

  • 900001 – 500ml aerosol

For metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

  • Cleans residues of grease, oil, dirt, wax and adhesions within seconds. Well suited for cleaning brakes, clutches, moulds, flanges and the like.
  • Evaporates without residue and provides corrosion protection.
  • CHETRATHENE is a fast-acting cold cleaner with a high cleaning effect.
  • CHETRATHENE can be used both as a spray cleaner and in containers for immersion applications.
  • Solvent based product
  • Caution: synthetics can be released


Industrial cleaner

Prod. No.

  • 900106 – 20l container

IMS is an environmentally friendly multi-purpose cleaner for industry

  • Water-based
  • Highly concentrated
  • Effective up to a dilution of 30:1
  • For cleaning of general soiling.
  • Successfully removes cutting and coolant residues.
  • Especially suitable for the food industry and shipping
  • Biodegradable


IMS is an extremely versatile cleaner, suitable for cleaning metals as well as for cleaning plastics, textiles, plexiglass, glass and rubber parts.


Anaerobic high performance adhesive
Different versions


  • CHETRALOC 55 anaerobic high-performance adhesive medium strength Prod. no.: 900055 – 50g
  • CHETRALOC 75 Anaerobic high performance adhesive high strength Prod. No.: 900075 – 50g
  • CHETRALOC 110 Universal thread and surface seal Prod. No.: 900110 – 50g
  • CHETRALOC 320 Rapid adhesive Prod. No.: 900320 – 50g