Corrosion protection, lubricant & anti-seize


Cold zinc coating

Prod. Nr. 900615 – 400ml Aerosol

CG cold zinc coating is used to repair damaged areas, also on hot-dip galvanized surfaces, e.g. welded areas. As corrosion protection and primer for iron and steel, CG is also the ideal “instant” on-site galvanizing. As a top coat and primer, rust infiltration is prevented or minimized.

C-G acts as a 3-fold protection:
– Zinc coating application
– in combination with atmospheric oxygen a zinc oxide protective layer is formed
– in case of damage (scratchs/scratches) zinc oxide is formed again

Solvent-based product


Nickel / metal-free anti-seize

für NAS:
Prod. Nr.

  • 900015 – 400ml Aerosol
  • 900020 – 500g brush box
  • 900021 – 25kg container

für AS•MF:

Prod. Nr.

  • 900635 – 400ml Aerosol
  • 900636 – 500g brush box

Both are high-quality assembly pastes and anti-seize materials against:
– Corrosion
– Seizing (self-welding)
– Burn on, even at high pressures and temperatures

To be used with:
Steel parts of all kinds, stainless steel, copper, titanium, brass, aluminium, bolts, screws, sleeves,
Sockets, fits, threads, screw connections, plug connections and much more.

NAS and AS-MF…
– facilitate disassembly and often allow parts to be reused
– Separate lubrication of heavily loaded areas at medium and high temperatures

Temperature range:
– as corrosion protection (dry film):

180° C to +1425° C (NAS)
-10° C to +1400° C (AS-MF)

– as lubricant: -40° C to +200° C

Petroleum-based product


Chain inner bearing lubrication

Prod. Nr.

  • 900606 – 400ml aerosol
  • 900668/900605 – 20l container /200l barrel

For tightest tolerances on chains of machines, gear wheels, pulleys, conveyors and all applications where creeping light oil is required. Special application for wire ropes against fretting corrosion. Compressive strength of the film increases the service life and durability of maintained units – by reducing abrasion. At the same time, greater running smoothness and corrosion protection due to non-drying sliding film. (For the subsequent
surface sealing we recommend CHETRA-LUB).

Application range: -23° C to +150° C

Petroleum-based product


Synthetic lubricant

Prod. Nr.

  • 900665 – 400ml aerosol

SYN is a synthetic lubricant and is used where petroleum-based products are no longer sufficient, e.g. paint drying ovens, oven chains and hinges, motors, bearings, gearboxes, etc. SYN retains its lubricating ability even in the lower temperature range, making it very suitable for cooling systems. SYN does not carbonize and is ash-free. The synthetic base of this lubricant prevents resin, carbon and varnish formation on the lubricated surfaces. SYN also has a cleaning effect on such deposits.

Result: reduced equipment maintenance, energy savings and improved performance.

Application range: -25° C to +250° C

Synthetic product


Surface lubrication

Prod. Nr.

  • 900620 – 400ml aerosol

For chain drives, gear racks, gear rims and open gears, wire ropes and the like This transparent surface lubricant is extremely pressure-resistant as well as water and moisture resistant due to its tough, elastic consistency. Wear is considerably reduced by the “cushion” between the moving parts. Smooth running, noise reduction, corrosion protection are further effects which can be achieved by using LUB. Before sealing with LUB we recommend internal lubrication with CHETRA KIS.

Application range: 0° C to +125° C

Synthetic product


PTFE coating (Top coating)

Prod. Nr. 900630 – 400ml aerosol

The TC PTFE coating is used for dry lubrication of smooth surfaces made of metal, plastic, leather, wood, rubber, glass and the like. TC increases the sliding ability and at the same time protects the surfaces. It is particularly suitable for use where oil and greasy lubricants cannot be used, e.g. on drawers, slides, funnels, rollers, containers, tanks, press moulds, instruments, etc.
In addition to the sliding effect, the PTFE particles embedded in the acrylic carrier film also serve as a protective coating in case of moisture attack – to a certain extent also in case of mild acids and

Application range: -10° C to +120° C

Synthetic product


Silicone Lubrication

Prod. Nr.

  • 900625 – 400ml aerosol

SIL Silicone Lubricant is a liquid lubricant for wood, plastic, rubber, light metals; for the lubrication of windows, drawers, hinges, slides, sliding doors, rollers, gears, etc.

For impregnation of fabrics/tents and for protection of rubber parts against aging. Also applications as release agent, e.g. in cold stores.
Durable lubricating film even in humid environments, such as at locks, on ships, boats etc.

Application range: -40° C to +200° C

Synthetic product


Cleaning lubricating oil

Prod. Nr.

  • 900660 – 400ml aerosol

Ideal for all machine and instrument parts. Especially suitable as “pneumatic oil” for maintenance units. Sliding film is highly loadable. Detergents prevent dirt from sticking; anti-oxidants prevent resinification, making it particularly suitable for use in precision mechanics and as a cleaning light oil lubricant for electric motors and other dynamically moving machines and systems.

DE-LU has an antistatic effect, reduces wear and tear and thus results in cost savings.
Also suitable for pneumatic lubrication.

Pervades – Cleans – Lubricates

Application range: -23° C to +150° C

Petroleum-based product