Type 700

Pump metal bellows mechanical seal according to DIN EN 12756 of the highest quality, flexible, high tightness even in the vacuum range, very long service life. Coordinated design and materials are important prerequisites for proper operation in the upper temperature range.
Other versions:
– 270 Single-acting metal bellows seal as cartridge unit
– 700H High-temperature version up to 400°C (component GLRD)
– 700SA High-temperature version cartridge, quench according to API 682 C1
– 770/711 Tandem double mechanical seal (see special seals/pumps/heat transfer oil). 700S – Single cartridge mechanical seal (heat transfer oil)
– 790/791/792 Special versions for twin screw extruders (heat transfer oil)
– 875A Double acting high temperature version cartridge unit, according to API 682
700 – Min. temperature: -50°C; Max. temperature: 220°C
Sizes also available in inch sizes
Not all max. values may be used at the same time!


Min: 24 mm

Max: 100 mm


Max: 25 bar


Min: -100‎°C

Max: 400‎°C