CHETRA Mechanical Seals for Water Works, Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Plants

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CHETRA Water Works Competence


Day after day we produce an abundance of wastewater. It comes from industrial enterprises and private households and is contaminated with dirt, solid matter as well as chemical products. Before being reintroduced into the natural circuit, it must be thoroughly reprocessed in wastewater or sewage treatment plants. A great many pumps, agitators and aerators etc. are used in this process. They fulfill the varying tasks of separation, filtration and sewage purification. In many stages of these processes, mechanical seals are employed. These seals must meet the high demands set, particularly with regard to corrosion resistance and suitability for solid matter.

The demands placed on mechanical seals used in the closed circuit purification of industrially produced wastewater are also very exacting.The water is, dependent upon its utilization, polluted with the most diverse types of material.

Rigorous demands must also be met concerning the drinking water supply. The relevant regulations must be observed in the interest of the consumer. Various types of pumps are employed in the processing of clean drinking water, a.o. doubly supported, multiple-stage pumps and vacuum pumps, which are frequently sealed with single-acting mechanical seals. For higher vacuum, however, mostly double-acting mechanical seals are used.


The results are innovative and often custom-made solutions for the special requirements of water works, sewage and wastewater treatment plants, based on decades of experience in this area.

Supported by sound application technology advice, CHETRA determines the optimum appropriate mechanical seal and the corresponding accessories for the application intended.

The CHETRA supply program covers high-grade standard seals and special custom-made products. Notable features and benefits:

  • robust construction with extensive safety reserves.

  • protection of sensitive components.

  • solid seal rings and stationary seats in self-aligning arrangement.

  • stationary design, if applicable.

  • special seal face geometry.

  • special measures such as grease lubrication.

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