CHETRA Technical Maintenance Products

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Technical Maintenance Products

CHETRA developed a series of high quality technical maintenance products, complemented by thread sealing tapes and liquid seals for the special requirements which incur at maintenance and repair work on mechanical seals. Also in other applications, CHETRA technical maintenance products prove by high industrial quality and ease of use.

  • Corrosion Prevention, Lubricants and Anti-Seize:

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    Rust remover there are many on the market - even those which effectively penetrate and dissolve rust. Problem is that this kind of rust removers are acid based, which surely solve rust, but (by the acidity) already initiate the next corrosion.
    In contrast, the acid-free CHETRA rust remover SOLV quickly and gently dissolves rust and provides by its high-quality ingredients temporary corrosion protection and lubrication and by its high capillary effect displaces moisture.

    CHETRA KIS is a highly appreciated special oil in the industry, which due to its optimized creeping capacity (high capillary effect) penetrates in closest tolerances of chain links as well as wire ropes and thus prevents respectively retards fretting corrosion.
    A few years ago there was a very interesting product praise from the motorcyclists guild. The then European Champion in Motocross mentioned with amazement, since the use of CHETRA KIS his chains on the bike no longer did “length” itself'.
    For us at CHETRA not surprising, since KIS due to its properties prevents increased abrasion and wear and eliminates or slows down “lengthening” of a chain.


    • Coolants / Cutting Agents, Industrial Cleaner and Special Lubricants:

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      A global acting paper manufacturer uses the fully synthetic grinding concentrate CHETRA SKM10 synthetic grinding coolant for over 10 years in his Hercules roll grinding workbench. The centre distance is at about 10,000 mm and a grinding diameter of 1,600 mm.
      The translucent solution of CHETRA SKM10 grants an unobstructed view on the work piece with an operated coolant belt filter of a volume of 5 m³. CHETRA SKM10 is characterized by its very high bio stability and service live achieved.
      Our client operates in two-shift operation. Despite frequent changing surface materials, which some times are difficult to be processed, the coolant changing intervals have been reduced greatly thanks to CHETRA SKM10. An endurance of up to 12 months has been achieved.


    • Sealing Tapes, Joint Sealants/-Tapes, Liquid Sealing:

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      The CHETRA 2-component sealing material MPG is a system to make technical high quality gaskets in an economic way out of the “cartridge” on demand. This, without time consuming cutting, punching and producing waste. There is a variety of sealants available in the market. These, in connection with to be sealed mineral oil containing mediums, might lead to resolution of the seal and could contaminate the oil.
      One of the world's leading gear and turbine manufacturers takes up this theme in his installation instructions explicitly:
      (Quote)'...the following installation instructions are to be observed as a guideline for the assembly process...
      Use of sealants
      For sealing of parts which come into contact with oil, no silicone containing materials to be used because this could have an unfavorable influence of the foaming behavior of the oil. Appropriate material for example CHETRA-2-component polymer seal MPG.' (end of quote).
      We have got nothing to add.

      Not many sealing products differ that much in their technology as thread sealing tapes. A large number of thread sealing tapes are PTFE coated PVC tapes.
      CHETRA's Hi-Density tape is a through-and-through pure PTFE thread sealing tape of high density and about 0.1 mm thickness. Due to this a wide range of applications are given, next to water (drinking water, hot water, waste water) as well as the Gas range (1, 2 and 3) including LPG, natural gas and oxygen.
      Another advantage and benefit for the user: You wrap the tape with 50% overlap and, if necessary, can realign - the sealing area remains tight (approved according to DVGW-examination).