CHETRA Mechanical Seals for Refineries and the Petrochemical Industry

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CHETRA Refinery

In refineries and the petrochemical industry crude oil is processed into finished products.Sealing is needed for a great diversity of media in various states of matter: Typical processing tasks deal with media close to boiling point, substances with a lot of solid particles and others that are highly volatile, at temperatures ranging from very low to very high (-150°C to +400°C). These media, some of which are explosive and polluting, are subject to regulations imposed by TA-Luft (clean air act), ATEX, API, TÜV (German technical monitoring association) and others.

These aspects as well as the need for cost effectiveness – long MTBF/MTBR – are taken into account by CHETRA as of the basic conception of the mechanical seal and in the selection of suitable accessories and support with sound advice on applications.


The results are innovative and often customised solutions based on decades of experience.

The CHETRA delivery range contains both tailor-made products and high-quality standard seals, characterised by:

  • Robust design with extensive safety margins.

  • Protection of sensitive components.

  • Solid rotary seal rings and stationary seats in self-aligning arrangements.

  • Stationary design, if applicable.

  • Special seal face geometry.

  • Controlled circulation guidance for optimal heat removal.

  • Material optimisation; use of suitable materials, some with patented surface treatment – use of API 682-approved materials.

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