CHETRA Mechanical Seals for the Food Processing Industry

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CHETRA Food Competence

In the food processing industry mechanical seals form an essential part of various installations. They are among the important components in centrifugal and eccentric screw pumps, agitators, mills, kneaders and homogenizers.

In the application area of the food processing industry, the resp. mechanical seal must meet especially high requirements placed on hygiene and cleanness. They are used in dairy pumps, in breweries, in the production of margarine and butter, chocolate and juice and even in highly automated production units for the most diverse types of food.

In connection with this, the sterilisability of all surfaces is of utmost importance. Not only the mechanical seals used but also a part of the mechanical seal supply systems must completely fulfill CIP, SIP and GMP requirements to ensure efficient cleaning and the ability to sterilize without disassembly of the mechanical seal or its parts.


The results are innovative and often custom-made solutions based on decades of experience in this area, with sound application technology advice for the optimum appropriate mechanical seal and the corresponding accessories.

The CHETRA supply program covers special custom-made products and high-grade standard seals. Notable features and benefits:

  • robust construction with extensive safety reserves.

  • protection of sensitive components.

  • solid seal rings and stationary seats in self-aligning arrangement.

  • stationary design, if applicable.

  • special seal face geometry.

  • guided circulation flow for optimum heat dissipation.

  • optimization of material: employment of suitable materials – secondary seals and seal faces in compliance with FDA. Steel qualities 1.4435 / 1.4404 (316 L) or 1.4539 are used with surface finish Ra value: < 0.4 μm.