CHETRA Mechanical Seals for Power Stations

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CHETRA Power Stations Competence


Whether in power stations, in thermal power generation, in the production of energy from renewable raw materials and in ORC plants: The industry-specific requirements in power station operation call for a highly demanding technology in the mechanical seals used.

Independent of application – whether in fast-running turbo machines and feed pumps, boiler feed pumps, circulating and condensate pumps, hot water pumps, large tubular type and cooling water pumps, hydraulic turbines (Kaplan/Francis water turbines) or steam turbinesstrict prerequisites for functional safety of these aggregates are valid.

The combination of high pressures and temperatures, running speeds of up to 50 m/s, different media and water conditions and additives require high-quality mechanical seal technology. Strict environmental protection requirements round out this product profile.


The results are innovative and often custom-made solutions for the special requirements of power stations, based on decades of experience in this area. Supported by sound application technology advice, CHETRA determines the optimum appropriate mechanical seal and the corresponding accessories.

The CHETRA supply program covers high-grade standard seals and special custom-made products. Notable features and benefits:

  • robust construction with extensive safety reserves.

  • special seal face geometry.

  • protection of sensitive components.

  • solid seal rings and stationary seats in self-aligning arrangement.

  • stationary design, if applicable.

  • guided circulation flow for optimum heat dissipation.

  • split mechanical seal.

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